How a Meal Replacement Shake Can Help You Lose Weight

selection of meal replacement shakesDid you know that it takes twenty minutes for our digestive hormones to actually tell our brain that we are already full? Oh well, for many of us who stay fit, slim and sexy despite the aging process we find it helpful to eat slowly because it makes us eat less and still feel full.

Losing weight can help maintain good health in many ways. It reduces our risk for Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Hypertension or consistent High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack and Stroke. It makes us not only healthy but increases our self-esteem and confidence. So, how do you think can you lose weight without harming your own body?

Using Diet and Exercise to Lose Weight

Research has proven that healthy diet and exercise help us lose weight. Healthy diet means being conscious with what we eat and how much we consume in order to get that ideal weight. It helps to know that an average woman needs only about 1,800- 2,200 calories per day and the average man requires about 2,000-2,500 calories per day. With this in mind, choose to eat few calories, low-carbohydrates, less fat, less sweets, foods that easily make you feel full like bananas and broth soups. Best of all, use meal replacement shakes to control the amount of food you consume. They are convenient and easy to prepare, provide you with complete set of nutrients our body need and are perfect for a lifestyle that doesn’t limit your freedom to plan and prepare a nutritious meal every single day.

So how can meal replacement shakes help you lose weight?

They will provide you with a known quantity of calories to consume which helps you control your calorie intake. A shake usually have 250-350 calories depending on the ingredients and taking this daily will certainly make you lose weight. Research studies at the University of Alabama, Morrison Center in New York and University of California and many others have findings that prove the effectiveness of meal replacement shakes in weight reduction.

When you take fewer calories than what your body needs, your body will then make use of your fat stores to provide the tissues with extra energy that is required for your body cells to function properly. In the long run, you will lose fat stores and the result is an amazing pounds drop off. Additionally, meal replacement shakes can be taken gradually just in time for your hormones to tell your brain that you are full.

Several nutrition experts now think our meal replacement shake reviews are so  effective because they are ultimately convenient since they don’t demand a lot of time for preparation and they certainly offer a structured diet plan with predetermined amount of calories. There’s no hassle in calculating the total calorie intake per meal which makes it an easy tool for weight control. Meal replacement shakes allow an element of choice as you can actually just choose from a variety of brands and flavors.

Now that you understand how meal replacement shakes make you lose weight and as research suggests it can effectively help you get rid of some extra pounds, take it. However it is important to remember that most of the study subjects received a professional dietary advice. So go ahead and ask your dietician for the best meal replacement shake you can take and start making things happen. Do not forget however to return to eating healthy meals with nutritious food choices once you attain the normal weight. It’s best to stay healthy while eating the right kind of foods you enjoy.

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