Shakeology Review

shakeology reviewAre you thinking about purchasing Shakeology?

Read our genuine, honest and unbaised review first and then decide if Shakeology is the right choice for you… Rating

Nutritional Content:★★★¾☆ 
Fat Burning Ability:★★★☆☆ 
Hunger Blocker:★★★★☆ 

UPDATE: A number of the ‘glowing’ reviews circulating the internet have been written by independent distributors or coaches (think MLM) who standard to benefit financially by selling you the product! Are they likely to give an honest review? We don’t think so!


The main problem we have Shakeology is not the product itself, but the cost. The shake costs about $4 per serving or $120 for a 30 day supply (that’s more than double the price of many of the other shakes we’ve reviewed).

Nutritional Content

shakeology scamShakeology is a complete meal replacement shake that aims to provide a balance of proteins, carbs and other nutrients.
Its actually one of the more ‘complete’ products we’ve seem and contains over 70 different ingredients (proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) giving it a strong nutritional profile.

Protein should always be the most important ingredient within a meal replacement shake, there is approx 15 grams of whey protein isolate in Shakeology, which is about average across the meal replacement shakes we’ve reviewed.

We are pleased to see that the shakes are gluten free & contain no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. Shakeology also claim to whole-food sources of nutrients rather than using only synthetic extracts which is encouraging.


Shakeology comes in a range of different flavours. We’ve only tried the chocolate and it tasted okay. It was still a little chalky after mixing and there was a slight after taste which maybe from some of the vitamins/minerals used in the product.

We haven’t tried the other flavours, but have heard that the Green Berry is to be avoided!


Overall: ★★★☆☆ 

Good product, but massively over priced

While there is no doubt Shakeology is a decent meal replacement shake, we feel it is far too expensive for what you get, considering how many alternatives there are on the market.

In our opinion  you maybe better to save your money and purchase one of these cheaper alternatives instead of spending over $120 on Shakeology.

Click here if you can find out how to try Shakeology

Alternatives to Shakeology – Less than Half Price!

If you are looking for a taste which is packed with nutrition, helps you to burn calories, tastes great and keeps you feeling full. We recommend the following two meal replacement shakes.

The best thing about them – they are 50% cheaper than Shakeology Shakes!

Click on the links above to find out more…



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