Visalus Shakes (Vi-Shape)

visalus shakesWe’ve just finished our review of Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes, and to be honest we don’t think they live up to some of the claims made by the network marketing distributors who are promoting them.

Our main issues are the cost, use of a Soy based protein and artificial ingredients being used in the products.

We can see the shakes have been professionally formulated and are safe, but when you compare them to other shakes on the market we think there are better value options out there. Read our full review below to find out more… Rating
Nutritional Content:★★½☆☆ 
Fat Burning Ability:★★★☆☆ 
Hunger Blocker:★★☆☆☆ 
“Over hyped and over priced shake with artificial ingredients”


This is another shake that is sold via multi-level or network marketing which always seems to always mean an expensive price tag. Its difficult to give the accurate price for this shake, because you can buy the basic unflavored shake and a number of flavor and hunger blocker add-ons.

The basic shake costs $28 for 15 servings, which is reasonable, but when you add a flavor mixer the total price is $40 for 15 servings which is over $2.60 per serving and one of the more expensive shakes we’ve reviewed. If you add their metaboliser or hunger blocker you’ll end up paying even more.

Nutritional Content

shake image chocolateVisalus Shakes contains a range of nutrients, along with 12grams of protein. However to make it a full meal replacement you need to mix with cows milk or soy milk. If you simply add water it only really provides enough for a nutritious (but expensive) snack.

Interestingly the manufacturers have decided to opt for a Soy based protein, rather than a Whey protein, however studies have shown that Whey protein is more effective for people who want to burn fat. We also think 12grams of protein is a bit low (other shakes contain up to 23grams of protein per serve).

We are also very concerned about the addition of the artificial sweetener Sucralose and artificial flavors. There have been a number of negative reports regarding these ingredients and we simply don’t know if they cause any long term effects.

We like the fact that the shake is low in sodium, low in sugar and contains digestive enzymes to help your body absorb the nutrients quickly. Visalus Shakes also contain FiberSol, which they claim helps you feel full for longer.

It is worth noting that many people use the Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes as part of the Body By Vi Challenge program.

  • Professionally formulated
  • Contains protein along with a number of essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals)
  • Contains Fibersol to keep you feeling full

Our testers actually quite liked the taste of the standard shake when mixed with cows milk, but were not so keen when mixed with water. There is no nasty after taste which you do get with some shakes and the consistency was pretty good. We didn’t try any of the add-on flavor enhancers so can’t comment on these.


Overall: ★★★☆☆ 

This is definitely not the best shake we’ve tried and we are particularly concerned about the use of a Soy based protein, the artificial sweetener Sucralose and artificial flavors. Because of these reasons we can’t recommend it as one of our favorite meal replacement shakes.

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